dotnetmiami User Group Recap

On July 17, 2014, Ranger Technical Resources sponsored the dotnetmiami User Group with over 35 attendees in Miami, FL. Our Talent Acquisition Team has been regularly attending and participating monthly so we can network and keep up with .net technologies.

Janier Davila was the guest speaker for the evening, providing details about .NET Memory Management Fundamentals. He spoke about the in’s and out’s of .NET Memory Management to remind us of how it really works. He demonstrated how .NET’s Garbage Collection works and addresses the most common daily memory pitfalls that you’ll encounter in your day-to-day as a .NET Developer. One of the benefits of using a high level self-managed Garbage Collection language like C# or Java, is that it frees the developer from working with memory allocations; however, this doesn’t mean that the developer ignores memory management completely. Janier reviewed topics such as the types of garbage collector engines, how the CLR allocates memory and more.

If you are passionate or just curious to learn about .NET, consider joining thisuser group to see how you can benefit from their discussions and contacts.

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